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WALT:To record info. I learned That Stars are born in nurseries made of dust and gas called Nebulae. Next time I will record more info from websites.


WALT: Scissor kick in high jump.
I learned: how to scissor kick.
Here is an example of my learning: Run in a curve then scissor kick onto the mat.

Net time I will try the 9 year old height.

Reading strategy

WALT: make connections with my prior knowledge.

I learned to make connections with my prior knowledge.

Here is an example of my learning:in the text it says corn is actually a grain. My connection is bread made out of grain.

Next time I will try harder to make better connections.

P.E term 3

WALT: pass a large ball.

I learned how to lob, bounce pass and chest pass a ball.

Here is an example of my learning:
we had to have a group of 3 of the tallest people had to be in the middle and the other 2 people had to stand on the sides and try to throw a ball over the person in the middle. 

Next time I will use the strategy to play a game of basketball.

My Butterfly Mosaic

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Title: My Butterfly Mosaic WALT to create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian ink. I learned to make the pieces big and to make my pastel dark so the colours would be bright. Next time I will try not to rub out the chalk.

ANZAC Writing

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WALT-Organise our ideas into order. I learned that you need to hook the reader into the story. I achieved my goal because I put the story in order. Next time I will improve my spelling. Here are some of my best sentences. We started to fly really fast trying to doge the bullets and bombs. I was glad I was let out because Other whys l would of been lonely.